4. The top 30 Money Secrets every woman should know

The best pro tips on investing.

In this 30-day course, Vitamin founder, Andrea Fernandez, shares one money secret per day. Tried and tested, and easy to understand!

Day 1: Changing your mindset is hard work – do it every day and with intention

The way we think is called our mindset. Over the course of our lives, we encounter a whole spectrum of

Day 2: Close your wealth gap

Did you know that the following three factors determine the wealth gap for women as a whole? Wage gap: Women

Day 3: Negotiate your salary – and do it boldly!

We hear a lot about the different financial gaps that affect us women. One of them is the pay gap,

Day 4: Set your financial goals

The most important thing you can do on the way to financial freedom is to set financial goals! After all,

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