5. Retirement…done right

A sigh of relief with investing: your course on retirement provisions.
Thinking about retirement already? You definitely should! Here you can approach the topic in a relaxed manner and learn how you can easily take your retirement into your own hands.

Day 1: Why it’s so important for you to have financial retirement provisions

At 25, retirement still seems plenty far away, but it’s closer than it seems. That’s why there’s a simple answer

Goal: Understand how the retirement system works in Germany and why you should already be getting set up for retirement.

Day 2: How government pension insurance works – The young pay for the retirement of the elderly

The retirement system in Germany is built on a pay-as-you-go system in which the current workforce pays for today’s retirees.

Goal: Understand government pension insurance in Germany.

Day 3: Corporate retirement plans – additional retirement through your employer

Corporate retirement plans are another means of securing your financial future. The employer is obliged to comply with the request

Goal: Understand how you can provide for retirement with the help of your employer.

Day 4: Your personal plan for retirement

If you want to relax during your retirement a handful of years from now, it’s important that you set yourself

Goal: Learn the opportunities specific to your situation and come up with goals.
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