6. I've inherited money…now what?

Have you received an inheritance, or do you expect to in the near future? Then this week-long course will give you important foundational knowledge on how to manage your money and go about solid financial planning.

Day 1: What exactly is an inheritance?

An inheritance is simply the transfer of assets from one person to another. This happens when someone passes away (known

Goal: Learn the basics about inheritance.

Day 2: Create a balance sheet and determine your net worth

Before you take a single step, get clarity over your actual financial status. You should gain the most comprehensive grasp

Goal: The first steps after you receive an inheritance.

Day 3: Why solid financial planning is still important

Even if you inherit a large sum of money, you should plan well and keep an eye on your expenses.

Goal: Understand why it's so important to keep your eye on your expenses.

Day 4: What to do with the inheritance?

For most people, an inheritance is a surprise, regardless of whether it’s 5000, 10,000, or even 500,000 euros. And a

Goal: Dos and don'ts after inheriting.
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