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Vitamin Masterclass

Your entry into the world of finance

Our Masterclass is your starting place on your journey to more wealthness. Get condensed financial know-how in short and sweet videos. Created with our experts and without financial jargon, it’s everything you need in one place.

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01. Money mindset & money management

How you can improve your relationship with money and bring structure to your finances

02. Financial security & retirement safety

Everything you should consider on your financial path through life and why you should already be doing something today for your future self

03. Beginner’s guide to the stock market & investing

What you should know about the stock market, stocks, and funds before you start investing

04. ETFs & strategic investing

What passive investing and ETFs are all about and how to build your portfolio

05. How to start

Which investment strategy suits you and what your next steps might look like

Finance Tools

Financial tools that improve your life

Don’t know how to start?
Say no more! Keep a grip on your finances with our tools, checklists, and guides.

Budget Tracker
Keep a simple overview of your budget
Vision Board
Visualise a life of your dreams
Goal Sheet
Plan your goals and keep them top of mind
Finance Glossary
An easy to understand explanation of financial terms
Salary Negotiation
Tips & tricks for a higher salary
Pension Guide
How to read your pension information


Practical courses for more financial confidence

Feel in control with just the necessary know-how about topics relevant to your finances

You & Your Money

Why it pays to invest as soon as possible – and how to do it easily – the basics for aspiring female investors.

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Money Mindset for Female Investors Feeling good about money in 7 days

Because Money Can Be Fun: Step by Step Guide to your new positive attitude to money.

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The investment crash course: All the basics for getting started as an investor

Terms, concepts, and investment opportunities made simple: the basics of investing. So you can hit the ground running.

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The top 30 Money Secrets every woman should know

Terms, concepts, and investment opportunities made simple: the basics of investing. So you can hit the ground running.

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Retirement…done right

A sigh of relief with investing: your course on retirement provisions. Thinking about retirement already? You definitely should! Here you can approach the topic in a relaxed manner and learn how you can easily take your retirement into your own hands.

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I’ve inherited money…now what?

Have you received an inheritance, or do you expect to in the near future? Then this week-long course will give you important foundational knowledge on how to manage your money and go about solid financial planning.

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Investment Planner

Take a peek at your financial future

Explore potential investment strategies and see how your money could grow.