Your path through the investing jungle. We make it uncomplicated.

Get to your tailored investment step by step. With minimum effort from you and guidance from us. Supported by female role models like Verena Pausder & Lea-Sophie Cramer.

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💪 Right now is the right time to invest for the long-term.

If you start investing from scratch today and invest, for example, €250 per month, you could add €103,500 to your wealth in 20 years.

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Step by step to your tailored


Set up your financial profile

We ask you a set of questions that help us to get to know your personality, your experience around finances, and your risk tolerance.

Investing questionnaire example questions


To be truly comfortable, you want to know what's coming. An investment strategy that focuses primarily on bond ETFs suits you best.

Potential returns

2.8 %

Risk level


Investment mix

10% Stocks

90% Bonds

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You have a fixed goal in mind. Smaller detours and changes in plans are fine with you – as long as they stay within reason.

Potential returns


Risk level


Investment mix

20% Stocks

80% Bonds

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Knowing what's coming feels good to you - but only if there's a fair amount of spontaneity involved. A balanced investment strategy what someone like you needs.

Potential returns


Risk level


Investment mix

50% Stocks

50% Bonds

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You don't mind knowing what's coming up - but you also have a adventurous spirit. An investment strategy with a slight focus on stock ETFs is perfect for you.

Potential returns


Risk level


Investment mix

70% Stocks

30% Bonds

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You have no problem simply going with the flow. An investment strategy with a strong focus on stock ETFs is just what someone like you needs.

Potential returns


Risk level


Investment mix

90% Stocks

10% Bonds

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Whether it's a bungee jump or a roller coaster ride, you're in. It's easy for you to take things as they come. A strategy that focuses mainly on stock ETFs is your perfect match.

Potential returns


Risk level


Investment mix

100% Stocks

0% Bonds

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Choose a recommended plan

Based on your financial profile, we match you with two tailored ETF investment plans. You get to choose which one feels right to you.


Start investing with Vitamin

Directly invest into your plan, for example with a monthly contribution that feels good to you.

Vitamin is the perfect match for your finances.

Transparent costs.

We charge an annual fee of 0.6% of your investments' value for the creation and management of your tailored investment plan. The ETFs in our plans have yearly costs of 0.2%. Our learning content and the opportunity to book chats with our experts is free of charge.

Security for your money.

Your money is in safe hands with our partner bank AION. The European deposit protection scheme protects your money for up to € 100,000. Your investments in ETFs are especially protected as special assets.

Invest in line with your values.

You'll only invest in ETFs that are in line with our social responsibility criteria. You will never invest in industries involved in weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nuclear energy, genetic engineering, or adult entertainment.

Full flexibility.

You can always adjust your contributions, pause your investments, and access your money any time.

We take care of the boring stuff so you can focus on living your life.

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Spreading risk across thousands of baskets.

With our selected ETFs your money is invested in different countries, industries, investment types, and thousands of companies. This is a proven way to minimise the ups and downs of the market.

Your peace-of-mind is our priority.

We automatically and constantly look after your investments to make sure they are aligned to your initial tailored plan. When necessary we will make minor adjustments to keep things in line with our recommendations.

More growth for your money.

Any cash payments you receive from your investments, whether from companies or governments, are immediately invested again. This way your money regularly gets an extra boost.

Who likes paperwork? Yup, we do!

All investment activity is subject to taxes. We report and pay taxes to the authorities on your behalf, so you don’t have to.


Time is money.
With Vitamin you get more of both.

Learn easily for free and invest confidently for a simple low fee. All in one place with absolutely no hidden extra charges.

Vitamin Start


This is for you if you are not sure how to get started and are not ready to invest yet.

Vitamin Invest


/ year of invested amount
for Vitamins’s services



/ year to the creators 
of ETFs

This is for you if you are ready to start investing step by step, sustainably, and with minimum effort.

More questions?
Find the answers here.

Vitamin is the app for strong financial futures. The following are the principles that guide us on our way:

  1. Build products that are specifically designed for women. We continuously learn from women about what does and doesn't work for them.

  2. Make financial education more accessible and gratifying. Whether it’s revisiting the fundamentals or progressing to the next level, we offer guidance that's personal.

  3. Give every woman a clear and concrete next step to take. Be it starting an emergency fund, investing in ETFs or safely taking a stake in cryptocurrencies, we create momentum on your financial journey.

  4. Bring women together in a community that celebrates everyone’s successes, learnings and progress.

Investing with Vitamin means putting your money to work in a way that suits you, your goals, and your life. In order to propose the right investment plan, we first need to get to know you better. Therefore, right at the beginning we will ask you to answer three different sets of questions in areas such as your risk tolerance or your financial experience. Based on your answers, we will then propose two different investment plans for you to choose from. You can also choose whether you want to invest a single sum, also known as a one-time contribution, or whether you want to set up a monthly savings plan with a so-called monthly contribution. If you choose the latter, your monthly contribution will be automatically debited from your bank account each month and invested by us. You can pause your investments at any time and will always be able to access your invested money.

We believe that your investments should positively impact the world. That's why via our hand-picked ETFs you only invest in companies that have passed selected Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (in short, ESG) criteria. They specifically include companies with enhanced environmental characteristics and have additional controls in place for companies operating in the energy sector.

You will not invest in companies in controversial spaces like weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, nuclear power, and genetically modified organisms. This way, we ensure that your investments are tied to your values.

We understand that this might seem like it’s not enough. And that you might be surprised that some of the ETFs in your investment plan invest in companies which do not seem sustainable at first sight. What is important to know is that many firms are still in a transition phase, adapting to the new demands of socially responsible investors. Moreover: larger companies in particular can have a significant positive impact when it comes to this transition – simply because of their size. By showing them what we as investors care about, we can set the direction for the financial markets of the future.

Yes, you can. You can either sell parts of your investments, or close your investment plan. We don’t offer this functionality within our product yet, but it will be available soon. Until then, just get in touch via and we will handle things for you.