What exactly is…compounding?

When people talk about your money ” growing by itself” or “working for you”, they are indirectly talking about the compound interest or the compound

How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The days are getting shorter and shorter, the supermarkets are bursting with gingerbread and advent calendars for

Your emergency fund

Introduction Nest egg, piggy bank, stockpile…all names for that financial must-have even your grandma probably was probably

Not all funds are created equal

Introduction Money in a mutual fund is predominantly invested in stocks – that is, in shares with

What exactly is…an investment fund?

Introduction A pot of money! Imagine that several people pool their savings together and invest together, but in different securities. Why? Because it’s easier for several people to gather up a large sum of money

What exactly is…a bond?

Introduction A bond, as opposed to a stock, is not a piece of the company, but rather a certificate of indebtedness. If you buy a bond with a company or the government, you lend it

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