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Unsere Fragebögen zum Einstieg helfen uns, deine Risikotoleranz und deine Erfahrungen im Hinblick auf Finanzen und Geldanlage besser kennenzulernen.

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Basierend auf deinem finanziellen Profil schlagen wir dir zwei maßgeschneiderte ETF-Anlagepläne vor, aus denen du die beste für dich auswählen kannst.

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Investiere direkt in deinen Anlageplan, zum Beispiel mit einer monatlichen Sparrate, die sich für dich gut anfühlt.

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You don't need a finance degree to get started, promise. We take you by the hand and give you all the tools you need to start investing.

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Invest in line with your values.

You'll only invest in ETFs that are in line with our social responsibility criteria. You will never invest in industries involved in weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nuclear energy, genetic engineering, or adult entertainment.

Security for your money.

Your money is in safe hands with our partner bank AION. The European deposit protection scheme protects your money for up to € 100,000. Your investments in ETFs are especially protected as special assets.

Transparent costs.

We charge an annual fee of 0.6% of your investments' value for the creation and management of your investment plan. The ETFs in our investment plans have yearly costs of 0.2%. Our learning content and the opportunity to book chats with our experts is free of charge.

Full flexibility.

You can always adjust your contributions, pause your investments, and access your money any time.

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Vitamin is the app for strong financial futures. The following are the principles that guide us on our way:

  1. Build products that are specifically designed for women. We continuously learn from women about what does and doesn't work for them.

  2. Make financial education more accessible and gratifying. Whether it’s revisiting the fundamentals or progressing to the next level, we offer guidance that's personal.

  3. Give every woman a clear and concrete next step to take. Be it starting an emergency fund, investing in ETFs or safely taking a stake in cryptocurrencies, we create momentum on your financial journey.

  4. Bring women together in a community that celebrates everyone’s successes, learnings and progress.

Investing with Vitamin means putting your money to work in a way that suits you, your goals, and your life. In order to propose the right investment plan, we first need to get to know you better. Therefore, right at the beginning we will ask you to answer three different sets of questions in areas such as your risk tolerance or your financial experience. Based on your answers, we will then propose two different investment plans for you to choose from. You can also choose whether you want to invest a single sum, also known as a one-time contribution, or whether you want to set up a monthly savings plan with a so-called monthly contribution. If you choose the latter, your monthly contribution will be automatically debited from your bank account each month and invested by us. You can pause your investments at any time and will always be able to access your invested money.

We believe that your investments should positively impact the world. That's why via our hand-picked ETFs you only invest in companies that have passed selected Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (in short, ESG) criteria. They specifically include companies with enhanced environmental characteristics and have additional controls in place for companies operating in the energy sector.

You will not invest in companies in controversial spaces like weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, nuclear power, and genetically modified organisms. This way, we ensure that your investments are tied to your values.

We understand that this might seem like it’s not enough. And that you might be surprised that some of the ETFs in your investment plan invest in companies which do not seem sustainable at first sight. What is important to know is that many firms are still in a transition phase, adapting to the new demands of socially responsible investors. Moreover: larger companies in particular can have a significant positive impact when it comes to this transition – simply because of their size. By showing them what we as investors care about, we can set the direction for the financial markets of the future.

Yes, you can. You can either sell parts of your investments, or close your investment plan. We don’t offer this functionality within our product yet, but it will be available soon. Until then, just get in touch via support@joinvitamin.com and we will handle things for you.