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Andrea Fernandez, Co-founder of Alice

Andrea Fernandez is Vitamin’s Co-founder & CEO

Andrea has always had a passion for finance. It started in her childhood when at 9 years old she would walk to the bank to pay the family’s bills. It grew with a degree in finance and an MBA, a career on Wall Street, at JPMorgan and at Allianz, and in various investment leadership roles.

Then, after coaching women on finance and investing, Andrea noticed a pattern: women didn’t know where to start. This inspired her to start Vitamin.

Her mission is ours: to give every woman the guidance and tools to own their financial futures.

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Stories from the Vitamin community

It’s never too late to invest, but as a newly divorced, single mother of four, I wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel. Vitamin has helped me bring everything under one roof and finally to take care of my future.

Rebecca Weinberger

My most important money lesson learned through Vitamin: Don’t waste time! It’s so important to get started as soon as possible and really become active. I’m constantly educating myself along the way and understanding more and more what I can do. At the same time, my money is already working for me.

Yasmine Geneva

I haven’t had a good experience talking to traditional financial advisors. Vitamin has significantly changed the way I look at and handle my finances. As a result, I am able to accomplish much more now.

Emma Aldridge

Through Vitamin, I have a much clearer idea of what I want for my future and how good it feels to be in control of my finances. I never thought the world of finance could be so fascinating. An absolutely worthwhile adventure!

Haley Panico

I am responsible for my own life and happiness. This includes my finances, which I am finally taking into my own hands. My goal is financial freedom and independence. Through Vitamin, I am getting closer to this goal every day.

Claudia Kettmann

One of my biggest learnings was to understand the impact that investing will have on my future, especially my retirement. The difference between investing my savings in ETFs or leaving it in my deposit account is huge!

Barbara Zeiss

The topic of finance comes up in many conversations with my girlfriends. We are a circle full of wonderful, intelligent and educated people, but who have never really learned to plan their finances effectively. Today, I am happy to recommend Vitamin to girlfriends – an enormously important step in the right direction.

Dima Durah

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Only 13% of women in Germany are investing

We’re out to change this. We focus on women in a world that’s only starting to recognise their full power.

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